Pipeline Ball Valve For Long-Distance Transportation

Pipeline ball valve for long-distance transportation features

The ball valve is designed according to the demands of the customers to meet the requirements of cracking-resistance from spur stress under sulfadiazine environment. Therefore under this requirement we accord to the standards concerned of NACE-National Association of Corrosion Engineer strictly in the design and material selecting manufacturing test and surface-treating and lacquer-finishing process.
The ball valve series not only bears wide range of selected materials. Furthermore, the internal components of the valve are all nickel-plated on surface or made of the material 316, and the seal ring is made of the special polymeric material. Therefore, the valve not only features by favorable anti-corrosion and sulfide-resistance capacity. The fine fire-proofing, static-prevention and sealing performance are also enjoyed by it. With wide range of suitable pressure and temperature, the valve features by both all-diameter types and crinkled-diameter ones with diversified applicable driving units. It is a kind of ideal choice in chemical industry, petroleum refining industry, mining and conveying system of natural gas etc.

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Pipeline ball valve for long-distance transportation main functions

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The pressure of the medium would press the valve seat off from globe body to make a auto-decompression realization when the pressure of the medium remained in the lumen of the valve increases abnormally caused by temperature shift. The seat reset automatically after decompression. The valve is stall reliable on occasion of fire hazard happens or the seal ring on the valve seat burned or softened caused by abnormal temperature-rise. Meanwhile, the contact of natal against metal by the seat and globe body would be made up to prevent the fire from expanding. This course meets fully the API 6FA. After the education gear being screwed-off, the valve seat could be checked for leakage, and vented to reduce the medium from polluting the valve. When the valve stays at full-open or full-close position under operating model, the stuffing box on stem could be replaced.
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Besides normal sealing measures, the specially-mounted auxiliary sealed construction on the valve seat can work to first-aid the leakage caused by the damage of the seal ring.   The double sealing of stuffing PTFE and O-ring is applied for sealing the part of stem, thus this measure is applicable especially for gaseous medium. The high-quality self-lubricating bearing SF is utilized on the motion parts of the handle to minimize the coefficient of friction and reduce operating physical force.

Pipeline ball valve for long-distance transportation main parts and materials

NO. Accessory name Material
1 Body WCB A105 A182 F316
2 Spring 60Si2Mn 316
3 Sealing Ring   RPTFE
4 Gasket Graphite stainless steel Graphite+316
5 Blow off screw 25 316
6 O-Ring Rubber Rubber
7 Bottom cover A105 316
8 Screw 35 316
9 Stem 2cr13+nickel coated phosphorus 316
10 Sliding bearing PTFE& stainless steel 316+PTFE
11 Ball A105 A182 F316
12 Seat A105 316
13 Stud 35CrMoA 316
14 Nut 35 316
15 Cover A105 316
16 Stuffing PTFE PTFE
17 Gland WCB A216-WCB
18 Key 45 316

Pipeline ball valve for long-distance transportation main performance and specifications

PN (Mpa) Nominal pressure The highest Test pressure Pressure class The highest Test pressure
(Mpa) Shell High-pressure liquid sealing Low-pressure heretic sealing (Mpa) Shell High-pressure liquid sealing Low-pressure heretic sealing
1.6 1.6 2.4 1.76   0.6 CLASS150 1.94 2.94 2.16   0.6
2.5 2.5 3.75 2.75 CLASS300 5.1 7.67 5.62
4.0 4.0 6.0 4.4 CLASS600 10.2 15.3 11.23
6.4 6.4 9.6 7 CLASS900 15.1 23 16.85
10..0 10.0 15 11 CLASS1500 25.1 37.5 27.5
Applicable Specification Physical dimension follows GB12221-89 ANSI B16.10
Flange dimension follows JB79-59 GB 9113 HG20592-97 ANSI B16.5
Welding standard follows GB12224-89 ANSI B 16.25
Test and inspection follows JB/T 9092-99 API 598
Applicable medium Natural gas, liquefied gas, petroleum and other medium
Applicable temperature -28℃~≤150℃
Driving manner Worm gear, air operated, electric driving, combined air and hydraulic driving etc.
Please refer to the sample book of form of Main Types and Connecting Dimension for particular installation dimension

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